Privacy Policy

How We use and protect our information about You. This section explains how We (Your Home Improvements Ltd) use the information We collect about You in Your dealings with us some of which will be classified as sensitive under the Data Protection Act. We will meet the standards set out in this policy whether or not You become a customer. We will collect information about You in a number of ways. For example, You might give to Us, We might collect it through our dealings with You, or it might be collected through equipment. We might also get it from companies that offer databases of information, or other third parties. If We significantly change any terms of the privacy policy we will, if applicable advise You. We do not store card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.


We and our agents can use Your information to do the following:

  • Give You the services You have asked for, which can include loyalty and incentive programmes.
  • Offer You services, accounts and Products, again including loyalty and incentive programmes. We can use automated scoring System to help us choose what We offer You.
  • Contact You to ask how We can improve the way we manage Your account and provide You with services.
  • Contact You to suggest ways You may be able to save money.
  • Create statistics, test computer System and do analysis. The information and analysis can include the way You use energy. We can use our analysis to create profiles and marketing opportunities.
  • Help prevent and detect debt, fraud and loss.
  • Help Us keep You, Your family and Your household healthy, safe and secure.
  • Help Us train staff.
  • We may contact You in any way about Products and services We (and our selected partners) are offering. This can include by email, phone and text message.
  • We can monitor and record any of Your communications with Us, including telephone conversations and emails, to make sure

We are giving you a good service and meeting our regulatory and legal responsibilities.

If We contact you to tell you about offers, when possible We will try to do it the way you have required you will prefer it get marketing information. If You decided not to have an account with Us, or if You do not use our Products any more, We can still keep Your information. We can then contact You about offers, from Us and other companies that might interest You.


We can let other people and selected partner organisations use information about You. We and those other people and organisations can use information about You for the following purpose:

  • To provide services You have asked for, this can mean giving information to members of Your family or household.
  • It could also mean giving information to anyone acting on Your behalf, other people who might be interested or those who introduced You to Us such as a landlord or letting agent.
  • To offer you Products and/or services that we feel will give you the opportunity to save money based on information You have provided or We have received.
  • As part of the process of selling one or more of our businesses.
  • To help prevent debt, fraud or loss this can include giving information about You to credit reference agencies.
  • To transfer some or all of debt You have to another organisation.
  • To provide information for legal or regulatory purpose (for example if another regulator or lawyer asks for it).
  • In any current or future legal action.
  • To take part in any data sharing initiatives run by the government, regulators of the industry (for example, initiatives meant to reduce fuel poverty, where people cannot afford to pay for heating and electricity or those to help groups of Vulnerable Customers).
  • To help manage loyalty or reward programmes.
  • Some of our work might be carried out outside the European

Economic Area (EEA), and so might the people or organisations we share Your information with. That means Your information could be moved to countries that do not have the UK standards or ion for personal information. If this happens, We will endeavour to make sure there are adequate safeguards. We will still collect, store and use Your personal information the way we outline here.


If You give us information on behalf of someone else, You confirm You have given them the information in these documents. You also confirm that they have given permission for Us to use their personal information as We have described here. If you give Us sensitive information about Yourself or other people, You agree we can use that information as We have described in this policy.


You are entitled to a copy of the information We hold about You, and to ask Us to correct any inaccurate information. We can charge You a small fee for providing a copy of the information We hold which must be paid up front. For more information, please contact our privacy team by writing to them at:

Privacy Department Address: 78 Southill Road, Parkstone, Poole, BH12 3AS




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We do not store customer credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

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